Premium Protection Gloves

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Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

No two gloves are the same. No two wearers are alike. Finding the right disposable glove for the job means balancing the demands of management, the workplace and the expectations of wearers.

Stalsen distributors, their customers and end-users expect a lot from their disposable gloves. Which is why Stalsen disposable gloves have been developed to deliver superior quality and unbeatable performance in the most demanding environments; from lab work and assembly to chemical industries and food preparation.

The first step in effective hand protection is understanding the workplace hazards. The second is finding premium gloves that are durable, rigorously tested, and meet the relevant standards. However, the final step is gaining maximum wearer acceptance - for protection people actually use. Our comprehensive user trials with large European customers confirm that Stalsen gloves are preferred to competitor alternatives, time and time again. In fact 82% said Stalsen gloves improved their ability to carry out their work compared to other gloves.