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Stalsen is a growing premium protection glove brand that combines traditional values of quality, comfort and reliability with innovation and bespoke design facilities. The Stalsen goal is to lead the way in hand protection and become recognised as the most progressive and innovative European glove brand.

Building partnerships

Stalsen builds productive long-term partnerships with distributors and their customers (end-users) throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. These partnerships are established around class-leading levels of Product Development, Marketing Support and Business Support.

Product development

Our ongoing research and development programme means we are continually expanding and improving the Stalsen range. Product development is driven by anticipating industry requirements AND identifying the gloves that operatives want to wear. The growing range includes innovative new products like the Rayza5 Plus RX580 HPPE coated Cut Level 5 glove, plus more traditional products like Grafta Rigger gloves.

Marketing support

We provide a continually expanding range of high quality, multi-language marketing and sales literature, new product launch materials and online resources.

Business development support

We can also provide a range of services and support to assist partners with your new business development activities, including undertaking hand protection site risk surveys with your customers, (where there is a confirmed level of interest and commitment).

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We are continually looking to develop our existing European distributor network and establish new productive partnerships with selected distributors in the UK and Europe. To register your interest in becoming a Stalsen distributor please complete the form below.

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